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Kiffes Halvdåliga Musikquiz: 90-talet 5/7 150 150 Monument 031

Kiffes Halvdåliga Musikquiz: 90-talet 5/7

Well hello there! Last time Kiffe did a quiz, there was no shortage of success in the room DESPITE it being an emo-quiz with the worst utslagsfråga ever. But this time, he thought he’d challenge himself by making a quiz dedicated to the best years of our lives; the 90’s!

Carl lost his mind photoshopping Kiffes face onto the boys from the backstreets and will never be able to look him in the eyes again.

But anyways, yes, there will be a playlist with ALL of the good shit that some of your parents concieved you too. So, gather your team, strap in, get yourself a cocktail and get ready for the best damn night of your life!

Doors open at 17:00.
Quiz starts at 19:00 SHARP! Oh and it’s in Swedish, but we still insist on writing everything in english because we feel fancy and intärnatjonål.