Did you forget something?
Send us an email at info@monument031.com – please don’t use social media for this as it might get lost. You can always come by during our opening hours and our staff will help you look.

So, can I bring a bag nowadays?
Only small handbags (30×20 cm) are allowed. Besides that, bags/luggage or huge plastic bags are not allowed and unfortunately we have no space in the wardrobe to offer besides jackets/coats.

Can I call you?
It’s not you, it’s us. We don’t have a phone. Send an email (contact page is your friend) or send an old fashioned love letter to Monument 031 AB, Stålverksgatan 6, 417 07 Gothenburg.

Can I bring some cold hard cash?
If you want to, sure – but you can’t use it to pay here. Monument is a cash free venue.

How the hell do I get to Monument?
The nearest regular tram/bus stop is Frihamnen/Frihamnsporten. From there, you take a little walk and enjoy the sights of industrial Ringön, perhaps pop by the neighbours at Pallazzobaren, Ivan’s Pilsnerbar, Två Feta Grisar, Vega Bryggeriet or Stigbergets Ringön.

All cabs find us super easy, there’s free parking everywhere if you come by car and if you’re a biking kind of person, feel free to use the yellow bikestands cause that’s why we bought them. Click here for location on Google maps.

(There is also a magical bustop called Stålverksgatan. Bus 47 stops there, but only on weekdays during industrial hours. Legend has it that you can only ride that bus if you accidently get on it from Hjalmar Branting trying to go to the city.)

What is your age limit?
18 years (with or without guardian).

Wheelchair accessibility?
Monument is an fully accessible concert venue located on the ground floor. Any accompanying assistant/companion does not need to buy a ticket/purchase admission.

Wardrobe? The wardrobe is open in connection with events. The fee is not included in the ticket price.

What’s your opening hours? Please bare with us as we establish ourselves, and keep track on each individual event/concert for opening hours at the moment. Regardless, we close 01.00 at the latest.

When does the band start playing? This is something that changes from show to show – if we know for sure, it will always be posted in the event. We try to keep these times but as you all know, this can change due to circumstances beyond our control.

Can I buy tickets at the door? Most of the time, sure. But shows do sell out and the best way to secure a ticket as well as supporting bands/organizers/bookers is to buy a ticket in advance.

Problems with your ticket? Please contact Tickster via https://support.tickster.com/hc/en or the issuing organizers ticket provider.

Can I book one of those sweet, sweet tables? Sorry, no can do.