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RINGÖN SWAPMEET: MOTOR-EDITION 16/3 150 150 Monument 031



Ringön Swapmeet is our very own in-house, somewhat recurring; locally focused marketplace!

The idea is simple: we choose a theme or common thread, then invite folks around Ringön and let them set up shop/tables/whatever inside the venue – and then ya’ll come by and buy/eye/trade/admire it all. Bars and kitchen will be stacked, so you’ll be able to make great decisions while walking around the vendors.

First one out is the MOTOR EDITION! Yes, Ringön has got a lot of engines revvin and most of them are either on two wheels, old wheels or custom wheels! There’s a couple of staples from that community around here and on Saturday March 16th those who can will be bringing out their hidden treasures for you to buy. You’ll probably find a gastank you didn’t even know you needed; a perfect helmet to sit next to the helmet you already own or maybe a gearbox that only fits a car you currently don’t have. The options are limitless!

So come on down and make some great deals on Saturday, March 16th, 12.00-16.00. No entrance fee!
(Not based on Ringön but wanna sell some stuff? Send us an email at and let’s talk)