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ALASTOR + ORSAK:OSLO LIVE AT RINGÖN 19/4 150 150 Monument 031


LIVE AT RINGÖN is a concert series highlighting all forms of live music, ranging from metal to indie, with the sole purpose of bringing more live music to Ringön and the people around us!

Alastor and Orsak:Oslo kick things off proper on Friday April 19th, and as a nice little bonus, every LIVE AT RINGÖN-show has a fixed low price of 165kr. See you at Monument and LIVE AT RINGÖN!


ALASTOR Alastor is heavy doom rock for the wicked and depraved. Drenched in heavy, distorted darkness and steeped in occult horror that will make your skin crawl and ears cry sweet tears of blood.

ORSAK:OSLO Orsak:Oslo is one of those hidden gems.  Always grinding, always perfecting the imperfections. The four-piece has been lurking around the underground for years, steadily paving its way with a mellow and laidback, yet intense sound.