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Babysun releasefest + Les Severe 11/5 150 150 Monument 031

Babysun releasefest + Les Severe 11/5

Saturday the 11th of May will henceforth be known as the day Babysun and Les Severe destroyed your souls, had you begging for more and blessed you with a show people will be crying about missing for years to come.

Siborg a.k.a Simon will be here to make sure you have a permanent memory of the evening, if so inclined. (That’s a fancy way of saying there will be tattoos available)


Get yer tickets now or forever regret it:

The explosive force known as Babysun is probably Ringön’s most pissed off post-punk band.
It’s distorted, it’s crackling and it’s just full fucking pan until you pass out. In 2024, the band has not only taken their sweaty liveshows to Europe, but also been busy releasing several self-produced singles. All crammed with sickeningly loud blasts of noise.
On May 11, the double single STRANGER//ANIMAL will be released and in connection with this they will come to Monument for a messy release party, to say the least. Expect to feel run over by a self-pitying bulldozer as the band takes their heavy and energetic live set from Ringön – all the way to Ringön.
Les Severe is the name of freedom from boredom in the eyes of itself. What started as a solo recording project has now grown in to a band with a various amount of People. For the most part there are four members who want to make music that does not stick to the clicheys of the phrase “We want to make music free from clicheys”. It’s mostly an impossible and unobtainable task. But with this in mind, Les Severe allows them to make music that they dare say is open for interpretation. With influences from punk, dancehall, folk, pop, hip hop, drum n bass, experimental etc etc they make music that they think is worth doing.