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Splinter (NL) + support 9/10 150 150 Monument 031

Splinter (NL) + support 9/10

Splinter is coming to town!

It’s easy to shy away when reading words like “rock supergroup” but hey – if it fits, it sits. With a truckload of musical experience Douwe, Sander, Gertjan and Barry – having each toured the world with Death Alley, Birth of Joy and Vanderbuyst – formed a brand new band; one that radiates unbridled punk energy, pure pleasure and catchy tunes a.k.a a band called Splinter!

“The most important thing for us was to capture pure energy and directness in our music again,” Douwe says.
This energy creates electrifying songs that are instantly catchy and new, even if the sound is an unorthodox mix of rock from different eras.
In short: Splinter is fresh and danceable rock – with a Hammond organ.

Get your tickets now and get ready for a SHOW!

Tickets online 150kr (220kr at the door):

Gluttony + support 19/8 150 150 Monument 031

Gluttony + support 19/8

The tradition of making Mondays the best day of the week continues – and this time we’re indulging in the fine art of 90’s-infested Swedish Death Metal as GLUTTONY takes the stage on August 19th!

The band was formed in 2009 and has released three albums – with acclaimed debut record “Beyond the Veil of Flesh” celebrating 10 years this year – and the latest offering ”Drogulus” being released in 2023.
Gluttony mostly tours in Europe and the gig at Monument will be their first ever in Gothenburg. This will be a night of old school death metal with the HM-2 pedals turned up to max and needless to say, you need to be here for it.

Tickets out now via for 100kr (will be 180kr at the door).

Monday 19/7
Doors: 19:00
First band on stage: 20:00
Support: TBA

Mundane FREE DAYTIME CONCERT 27/7 150 150 Monument 031


Mundane is the bastard child of Gothenburg’s indierock/punk & emo scene, grown out of the creative hub/scene that is Sekten back in 2018.

These gentlemen do not shy away from showing their best sides whilst doing what they do best: a charming version of Blur, American Football & The Strokes. Yes, it’s that good.

The band is currently out with their latest single “Riff Raff”, a first taste from an upcoming release, not quite solidified with neither name nor release date. But hey, den som väntar på nått gott! Actually, screw that – we ain’t waiting long at all as this show is super-close, super-free and super.. we don’t know. Super-Saturday? Yeah, that sounds good. SUPER- SATURDAY!

NO TICKETS REQUIRED. Bring a friend and we’ll see you all on Saturday, July 27th from 14:00. Show starts around 16:00.

Övervåld + Outstand 21/8 150 150 Monument 031

Övervåld + Outstand 21/8

ONSDAG 21 AUGUSTI handlar om våld och moshpits, precis som sig bör.

ÖVERVÅLD från Sundsvall och Göteborgs egna OUTSTAND kommer till Ringön för en intensiv urladdning utan dess like.

Förköp ynka 80kr (150kr i dörren). Obligatorisk närvaro:


Primitiv Death/black-metal avskalad ner till nerven, en skoningslös offensiv med rötter från Sundsvall, som inte lämnar någon oberörd. Det är brutalt, aggressivt och i förbund med omoralen.


Göteborgs-hardcore! Mer behöver inte sägas – ni som vet, ni vet. Ni andra kommer bli medvetna om det.

King Hannah (UK) 27/11 150 150 Monument 031

King Hannah (UK) 27/11

Liverpools finest swimmers KING HANNAH are coming to Monument on Wednesday, November 27th!

After the majestic debutalbum “I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me” the duo, composed of Hannah Merrick and Craig Whittle, played Europe and North America, sharing stages with Kurt Vile and Thurston Moore – creating new perspectives and experiences that ultimetly led to the creation of the critically acclaimed, newly released second album “Big Swimmer”.

“Big Swimmer” finds King Hannah on the other side of their first act with a newfound understanding of their sound, their strengths, their gratitude, and their vision for the future of the band’s music. This understanding has no doubt ushered the profound confidence heard in their new songs – Merrick’s voice soaring, Whittle’s guitar blazing – and the balance they have found while traversing the waters of the Atlantic, or the rock venues on either side of it anyhow. The album leaves your hairs standing on the back of your neck, between the at times prickly, and often heartening imagery of its storytelling. It’s very likely that when listening, you’ll find yourself daydreaming of a lake in summer and wanting to jump on in.

Support TBA.

Tickets: 180kr (250kr at the door).
Age: 18+
Doors: 19:00

Get your ticket here:

BLACKVALLEY FESTIVAL 24/8 150 150 Monument 031


24 augusti är det dags för den mest episka endagsfestivalen på planeten: BlackValley Festival på Monument, Ringön, Göteborg! Välkommen till ett spektakulärt event fyllt med enastående livemusik och DJ-sets av högsta kaliber.

BlackValley Festival, arrangerat av göteborgsbaserade skivbolaget BlackValley Records, är din chans att dyka in i en magisk, lekfull värld där varje ögonblick blir ett minne för livet.

Så vänta inte – säkra din plats omedelbart!

Biljettpris i juli: 250 sek – köp via denna länk!

Biljettpris i augusti: 350 sek

LINE UP TBA – Håll utkik i Facebookeventet och på BlackValley Records sociala medier!
Unida + Burner 19/9 150 150 Monument 031

Unida + Burner 19/9

Unida, the black souls of desert rock, are bringing the heavy to Ringön on September 19th!

Original members Arthur Seay and Mike Cancino are bringing special guests Collyn McCoy (Ultra Electric Mega Galactic) and Mark
Sunshine (RiotGod) along to deliver classic stoner hits and lay waste to Europe.

The classic album “Coping with the Urban Coyote” is performed along with special treats from the acclaimed “Best of Wayne Gro”.

This will be an evening in the sign of heavy rock, fuzz and worshipping of the riff. Make sure to not miss this one!

Tickets 200kr (will be 275kr at the door):


Batcave: Rob Coffinshaker + Svarta Sanningar 26/7 150 150 Monument 031

Batcave: Rob Coffinshaker + Svarta Sanningar 26/7

Club Graveyard intar Ringön och Monument när de stolt presenterar sitt nya koncept: BATCAVE!

Goth Rock, Darkwave, Postpunk, Gothic Metal och andra mörka toner står på agendan, och till premiären på Monument har man sett till att framkalla två av de ondaste väsen detta land har att erbjuda: ROB COFFINSHAKER & SVARTA SANNINGAR.

GÄST-DJ: DJ ONI (Canis Lupis, Wednesday)

Biljetter ute nu för endast 150kr (kommer kosta 200 i dörren):


Rob Coffinshaker, Karlstads egna man in black, med ett förflutet i bla Gehennah och The Coffinshakers – men också ständigt högaktuell med bland annat Underground Fire och Die Oberherren.

Med sin mörka röst och gitarr, skär han igenom din mörka själ och får blodet att frysa. Live blandar han sina egna låtar med utvalda favoriter. Det är mörkt, det är magi, det är svart… Det är country, det är goth… Det är Rob Coffinshaker!

Svarta Sanningar spelar ockult rock med inslag av goth och metal. Deras musik har även beskrivits som ett tyngre och mörkare Kent, med kopplingar till banden Ghost, Opeth och Depeche Mode.

Bandets resa började 2017 med Klas Bohlin (sång) och tillika grundaren av gothbandet Beseech, samt Jonas Persson (gitarr) snackade musik och vinylskivor, men var samtidigt sugna på att starta ett nytt band.

Svarta Sanningar skriver enbart på svenska och har byggt ett helt koncept kring en fiktiv backstory, där allt kretsar runt ett ockult ordenssällskap med samma namn som bandet.

De har släppt ett antal singlar och även två EP’s, samt spelat på årets upplaga av Sweden Rock Festival.

Agent Blå + Söder om Söder 7/12 150 150 Monument 031

Agent Blå + Söder om Söder 7/12

It’s no secret that Gothenburg has produced some of the very best indiebands there is; and AGENT BLÅ is definitely one of them! Dreamy soundscapes that doesn’t shy away from the subtle aggressions of postpunk and shoegaze – just the way we like it!

On Saturday, December 7th they stab their way into your hearts as they take the stage at Monument. Joining us this winter night is Malmös very own Söder om Söder, making sure everyone understands that great indie is not something exclusive to Gothenburg.

Tickets out NOW via: (buy them early and it’ll feel like you’re going to the show for free in December. That’s how money works, duh.)


Linn Koch-Emmery 15/11 150 150 Monument 031

Linn Koch-Emmery 15/11

The indie phenomenon Linn Koch-Emmery is coming to Monument on November 15th!

Born in Hamburg, Germany and raised in Norrköping, Linn Koch-Emmery brings a musical touch that is genuine, raw and beautiful. She does not come from a musical family, but music came to her and became her security and lifeline throughout her childhood and adolescence.

I was an anxious kid. Listening to music was an escape, and through it I suddenly understood a lot of things.
If you listen to Linn Koch-Emmery’s music, that’s exactly what you feel. How she put everything on the table and takes us on an emotional journey where we get to feel all the emotions and then some. An inner contradiction of both confidence and vulnerability is heard through raw indie rock creations, an external reflection of her inner world and a place of complete safety and surrender.

Now in 2024, after the huge success of the cinematic single “Falling Down” (2022) and the Grammy-nominated debut album “Being the girl” (2021), indie sensation Linn Koch-Emmery is ready for an exciting start to 2024 with the release of her latest album “Borderline Iconic”.


Konserten arrangeras av FKP Scorpio.