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Stillborn, Dun Ringill & Year of The Goat 6/9 150 150 Monument 031

Stillborn, Dun Ringill & Year of The Goat 6/9

Stillborn, Dun Ringill & Year of The Goat 6/9

The necrospiritual legends of Stillborn are joining forces with Dun Ringill to celebrate their brand new albums coming out. As if that duo of doom wasn’t enough, the occult masters in Year of The Goat are joining them this fine evening.

Tickets out now: – best to act fast as this is one for the books!


These cult heroes are releasing their new album ”Netherworlds” via Black Lodge on June 28th. On this record, they have dug even deeper and created a heavier and darker album than ever. Their typical mix of doom with gothic influences is recognizable from their previous records and perhaps most from the classic “Necrospirituals” released in -89.

Dun Ringill:
Kknown for masterfully merging doom with prog and folk, this 6-piece is finally releasing the second part of their concept album ”150 – Where the Old Gods Play – Act 2″ on September 1st. “Act 1” was released in 2023 and was met by a unanimous group of critics who praised the album.
“Act 2” moves into the dark part of the story of this massive concept, and the music reinforces the narrative into this bleak and menacing landscape.

Year of the Goat:
YOTG have been delivering heavy rock with roots from the darker scene of the 60s and 70s since 2006. Melodies, emotional harmonies and vocals, layers of eerie guitar balanced with the perfect amount of organ create an atmosphere that is impossible to resist. The first release came in 2011 and over the years YOTG has released 3 full-lengths, 2 EP’s and two singles, all of which were received with open arms by music lovers. The band has played at festivals around the world such as Wacken, Hellfest, Sweden Rock etc. During the past year they have been busy recording a new album, but also worked on the soundtrack for the upcoming sequel to Hevi Reissu (Heavy Trip).